NOTE: Certain types of art will work better than others.

Paintings and abstract line art will transform better than drawings.

Below are art projects that will work well with the Doodle-re-do process, although we can also transform a favorite piece of art previously created by your child.  Here at Doodle-re-do we love kid art, but you can submit works by artists of any age for a “re-do”!

Watercolors can create interesting and distinct brush strokes.  > instructions

Allow your child to drop globs of print on a piece of paper. Next, smoosh another piece of paper on top of the painting, pull the paper apart, then it should have a tie dyed effect.  > see example

Allow your child to use their hands as the painting tool.  Hand prints can also work well.  > instructions

There are many things around the house that can be used to create interesting textures with paint.  > instructions

Cut household cleaning sponges into fun shapes and dip into paint.  > instructions

Bring the carnival home! See instructions to create spin art at home with a salad spinner.  > instructions

Create art by blowing paint across paper with straws.  > instructions

All you need is paint, paper and Q-tips.  > insturctions

Just like Jackson Pollock, you may want to try this outdoors.  Purchase culinary squeeze bottles or plastic travel bottles, fill with a variety of paint colors and let you little one go to town.  You can also use a spoon or paintbrush as the splatter tool.  > instructions

Line art can work if the design is abstract rather than drawings of actual objects.  > see example